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(Tooth Decay)



The pictures below show advanced tooth decay,
not a pretty sight!






Advanced Tooth Decay

Caries, or tooth decay, is an infectious
disease caused by bacteria. It can be
prevented from occurring. Great numbers of
bacteria accumulate in the mouth, and when
their numbers become sufficient and they are
organized in colonies, disease occurs. Bacteria
collect between the teeth and on the biting
surfaces, and when in sufficient number, will
cause decay. This decay is a deterioration of
the tooth enamel and underlying tooth
structures. The bacteria do this by excreting
an acid.

Carious Lesions Removed by
Dentist Prior to Restoration

Preventing decay is possible. The best way
to prevent this is to clean the tooth surfaces
so that a harmful accumulation of bacteria
does not exist. Brushing the teeth by itself
is not enough. Flossing is also needed. Most
decay occurs between the teeth, and on the
biting surfaces. Correctly flossing and
brushing once a day before bedtime is
sufficient to prevent this disease causing

Nothing you read here will replace the advice
of a dental health care specialist, so be sure
to see a dentist regularly. Consult your dental
health care professional for further, more
detailed information.


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